p3Exterior Coating Services for Water Tanks

Steel tank exteriors are susceptible to corrosion brought on by many outside causes. In all cases, once corrosion has started under the tank’s protective coating, the structural integrity of the vessel can be affected and if not corrected, eventually compromise the useful life of the tank. Our experienced coatings specialists can advise you as to the proper process and products for your tank’s exteriors to allow them to achieve their maximum useful life.

Tank Bottom Coating

Tank bottoms in above ground atmospheric storage tanks (ASTs) are susceptible to both external and internal corrosion. Our crews can repair permeations in tank bottoms in accordance with API Standard 653, Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction, without undue costs or prolonged tank downtime. After necessary repairs are performed, our crews can install a fiberglass mat and resin (FRP) floor pan or spray up a DuraChem DK2 polylining floor pan.

Tank Painting Surface Preparation

You can use the best coating/paint products in the world, but if the surface is not prepared properly before the application, premature coating failure and substrate metal deterioration is inevitable. Our tank Coating Specialists study each project and determine the optimum approach to surface preparation based on site specific conditions such as tank materials, existing corrosion, humidity and other environmental conditions.